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Food Waste Generated by Ontario Households- Presentation at AAG Conference in San Francisco

As part of my ongoing PhD research I recently presented a paper at the American Association of Geographers (AAG) in San Francisco (abstract and summary attached). The conference itself was a cacophonous din of 7,000 people (who seemed to be mostly huddled in the lobby of the Hilton -Union Square) who then filtered into little presentation rooms with 20 or 30 delegates in attendance, this being akin to the academic version of Woodstock.

The research summarized recent waste audit data from southern Ontario and focussed specifically on food waste in the disposal stream.  Key findings included that on average 2.4kg/week (or 125 kg/year) of food waste was disposed by single family households. This only includes food waste that ultimately ends up in landfill. Also it appears that urban households throw out more food waste, in the spring and summer, than rural households. Beyond that there weren’t any notable differences or findings to report. More detailed research into residential food waste composition is ongoing.

AAG 2016 Summary


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