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Leftovers to Omelet

Using up food properly is a challenge in my household as much as anyone else’s. Although my wife and I are committed to maximizing the use of our food we are subject to the same immutable laws of biology and the more mutable laws of self-discipline. From time to time I will write about our “little victories”. Last Sunday we had a family dinner and had roasted a large amount of peppers, onions and so on to accompany the beef we were serving. A small plastic tub is all that remained.  photo

After a busy week away, part of it spent out of country, we came back to a pretty empty fridge. The leftover roasted vegetables were now a bit soggy and unattractive but hale from a biological perspective (i.e. they did not smell off). I heated them up in a fry pan with a
little butter and then added two eggs, a little cream and some smoked salt to come up with a pretty tasty omelet that found its place on a slice of the tastiest bread I could find I found that morning at the market. I am about to finish off the rest of the vegetables in the same fashionphoto-1

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