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Fridge Chronicles #1 Back of the Fridge Burrito

Guest blogger:

Mercedes Cant

Not throwing out food can sometimes be a challenge. The fridge chronicles looks for new ideas for food that is getting old…

I don’t know about you, but I always have a few vegetables kicking around the back of the fridge that may or may not be a bit past their prime. Being a student in the depths of my MA, I hate wasting any money, so I’ve been figuring out a number of recipes that will help me cut down on food wastes and the associated costs.

One recipe that never fails is a college classic – the giant, hearty throw everything in the fridge in burrito.

Ingredients can vary pretty widely for this recipe, but here’s what I used:

  • Wrinkly, dried out red pepper
  • ½ a container of spotty (but not slimy) mushrooms
  • A few shoots of green onion
  • ½ cup of rice
  • A can of beans in tomato sauce
  • Frozen ground beef
  • Recycled vegetable oil
  • Tortilla shells
  • Cheese slices

First, wash and dice all of your vegetables and put them to the side. Boil twice as much water as the rice you plan to use, and add the rice to the boiling water. Keep the temperature on high for about four minutes and then turn down to minimum and cover. Once most of the water is gone from the rice pot, dump in the beans and stir. Allow the sauce from the beans to reduce. This, by the way, makes the rice taste about a hundred times better in the burrito.

IMG_0614 IMG_0611 IMG_0617

While the sauce is reducing, fry up your meat. I used recycled oil, which is basically just oil I used for deep frying and then strained back into its original jug. It’s a great way to conserve oil (which is expensive, and hard to dispose of properly given that I live in an apartment building), and the flavour is honestly great.

Once your meat is fried, remove it from the pan and set aside. Fry your veggies up in that same pan, and once those are done, you’re ready to start building your burrito! I started with some torn up Kraft cheese slices, then piled on all of my fillings. Make sure to put on a lot less than you think you’ll need – I put on way too much and ended up having to use two tortilla shells to make it stay in that convenient burrito shape. Tuck and roll once everything is on the shell and enjoy your back of the fridge burrito!

What do you enjoy on your burritos? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @allfoodisfood

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