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Support the National “Fight Against Food Waste Act” by 4 October!

NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau is promoting her private members bill “Fight Against Food Waste Act” as it moves towards its second reading. This Bill seeks to establish an annual food waste reduction day and importantly develop a national strategy to reduce the amount of edible food that becomes waste.

If you want to support this bill c-231-food-waste there a few  things you can do:

Firstly,  you can send your local MP a letter in support of this bill. support-bill-c-231

Secondly,  you can sign her petition.

Thirdly, you and your local supporters can sign a petition (minimum 25 signatures) (remember to include place name and postal code). en_petition_food-waste-190916

You can send the petitions to Paul van der Werf at  (if you have less than 25 signatures- I will bundle them and send to Ottawa) or directly to MP Brosseau’s office and they will forward them to the Speaker of the house.

See also and for more information.



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