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Around the World- National Food Waste Initiatives- France

This starts a short series of blogs that detail national food waste initiatives.

In Canada we have no National Plan to combat food waste although NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brousseau is trying to change that with her private member’s bill “Fight Against Food Waste Act”. It is set for second reading on 4 October. To see how you can support it:

National Strategy: Law 2016-138 (Supermarket Waste Ban)

Description: France produces 9 million tons of food waste annually. Almost 70% of all food waste generated, is by consumers. In hopes to reduce the present levels of food waste in France, the government enacted the Supermarket Waste Ban or Law 2016-138 on February 11, 2016. The goal behind this bill is to control one of the most prominent food waste sources: Supermarkets.  The plan behind the ban is to increase education and information regarding the food waste problem, and to plan to integrate reporting in social and business schemes. This ban states that expired or stale items must be gathered and donated, and absolutely bans the bleaching of unused food to discourage the gathering or use of food waste (a common practise in France prior to the ban). The ban states that the largest stores (> 400m2), must have a minimum of one donation partner in place one year after the ban is in place (February 17, 2017), in order to set the pace for food waste reduction.


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