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Around the World- National Food Waste Initiatives- Finland

In Canada we have no National Plan to combat food waste although NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brousseau was trying to change that with her private member’s bill “Fight Against Food Waste Act”. It was defeated during second reading on 4/5 October. I think we need to continue push for a national Canadian food waste reduction strategy. This blog is part of a series that highlights what is happening in other countries in the hope that we will turn this into a national issue.


National Strategy

Food Waste Reduction Plan, Research Project to reduce domestic food waste, and Organic Dumping Ban


Finland produces approximately 400 thousand tonnes of food waste on an annual basis, of which 130 is generated by households. The food industry produces less than households, however they still throw out approximately 75-14,000 tonnes of edible food, equivalent to 3% of all food waste. On top of this, 500,000 to 1,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent are released because of edible food waste entering landfills. In hopes to combat the food waste problem in Finland, the government brought in a mixture of bylaws, bans, and plans into play. The Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 1192/2011 and 1193/2011 states that the retailers must document animal food waste, and any animal food waste from a single retailer totalling >50kg/year must be collected and handled, not disposed of in the landfill. The National Waste Plan for 2016, which was launched in 2009, aims to reduce the overall waste in the landfill to 20% through ensuring recyclables make up 50%, and energy 30% of all waste that enters the landfill. The Kuru project, launched by the MTT, is a project focused on exploring domestic food waste, and ways to reduce/prevent it. In their most recent attempt in 2016, the Finish government banned the dumping of organics into landfills.


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