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Canada’s 2017 Food Loss + Waste Forum Attendees- Welcome to my blog

A quick welcome to my blog.

I have been involved in the management of organic wastes for 25 years, starting with the management of composting facilities and continuing with the provision of consulting services.

After some time of reflection, I started my PhD in Western University’s Department of Geography. I had grown a bit tired of managing food after it had become a waste and wondered if there was something I could do to better manage this resource. Thus, I am using my PhD research to better quantify and develop interventions to reduce the amount of food that becomes waste.

This blog then is about ideas on how to better quantify and reduce the wasting of food. It includes everything from summaries and reviews of articles that I have read, ideas, and what is happening in other countries as well as our own.

I hope you will be able to come back from time to time.

I would be grateful if you would consider following me on twitter @allfoodisfood At its simplest this is a mini version of my blog, populated daily with the various goings on of food waste reduction activities.

Finally, I am pleased to announce the upcoming (May) publication of my first peer-reviewed paper “A systematic review of food losses and food waste generation in developed countries” in the journal Waste and Resource Management. This paper summarizes scholarly and other research into the quantification of food waste along the food supply chain. The article will be open source and freely available to everyone.


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