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Measuring Household Food Wasting Behaviour

The only way to reduce the amount of food that becomes waste is to really understand what leads to this behaviour. As part of my ongoing Western University PhD research I have been undertaking a household food waste survey in London, Ontario. Using conventional and social media (and great assistance from the City of London) we have a great cross representation of respondents accross the City.

The survey employed Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behaviour (look it up…it’s the only set of psychological model of behavour that makes any sense to this natural scientist) and asks people about their intentions and self-reported food wasting behaviour. It delves even deeper, looking at different kinds of attitudes, social norms and perceived behavioural control.


    The Theory of Planned Behaviour (expanded)

Now comes the hard (fun) part of taking all this data and making some sense of it. I’ll leave it at that for now but will say we have a very good sample number and am excited about the possibilities. For now find attached some media garnered over the course of the survey. There is a piece from our local CTV news and a detailed spread in a local newspaper

What do you think is the key behaviour we need to influence to get people to reduce the amount of food that becomes waste? Shoot me a line at @allfoodisfood with your thoughts.

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