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For the last couple of years Enviro Western has put on the Food for Thought Gala. The event serves up some good food and provides attendees with some insights into how people in other countries secure food. It is a simple and effective reminder that not all of us are so fortunate to be food secure. For the second year in a row (I asked them to make sure they wanted me to speak two years in a row) they asked me to come speak about some of the research I am undertaking at the Heal Lab in Western University’s Dep

artment of Geography. The themes of my talk are simple- we waste too much good food at the household level; it costs average London households $450-$600/year; we can use some simple steps to better buy and manage food; maybe just maybe we can donate some of our newfound savings to help those that are food insecure. I have attached a summary of my slide deck. Food for Throught Gala 080218 lite  See also Western Gazette article


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