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Developing and Testing a Novel Intervention to Reduce Household Food Waste

Households are major contributors to food waste. Lately we have been hearing noises about “don’t blame the consumer” which is wrong-headed and misses the point. It is patronizing to suggest that consumers somehow can’t navigate themselves throughout their food purchases and are somehow are beholden to how food retailers who sell them their food. Further, “blame” is an emotionally charged word. We do bear some personal responsibility for all of our conduct, including food management, and should be held to account in that regard.

My recent PhD research shows that households are eager to reduce their food waste and eager to participate. My research showed that households can quickly reduce the amount of food they set out at the curb by 30%.

I have included a link to my thesis that includes the foregoing and I suppose other arcane and academic details. It fairly summarizes my research and shows the ongoing need for better measurement of food waste and the usefulness of local data contributing to effective solutions.

I know the thought of reading a thesis has about the same appeal as tucking into an accounting textbook (sorry accountants) but if you flip through it hopefully you’ll find something that interests you. As always feel free to get in touch with me to discuss. @allfoodisfood