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Paul van der Werf’s PhD thesis wins major award from the Canadian Association of Geographers

On 28 May 2019 Dr. Paul van der Werf received the Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG) ‘Starkey-Robinson Award for Graduate Research’, which recognizes high quality graduate research.

Paul completed his PhD at Western University’s Department of Geography, in November 2018, and his research focused on better understanding why household food waste is produced and developing and testing methods to reduce its generation. His two nominators described his thesis as “the most thoroughly researched, well written and impactful submission” they have read in their combined 46 years as university professors, as well as the most innovative and comprehensive PhD thesis they have ever seen.

Working with AET Group and 2cg Paul continues to transfer this up-to-date academic knowledge to the ‘real world’ by helping municipalities and the IC&I develop programs to better quantify and reduce their food waste.

Academically, Paul continues his research at the Western University’s Heal Lab as a project advisor.

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