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Overview of Household Food Waste Research at the Municipal Waste Association Annual Meeting

I had the chance to discuss my household food waste research on 30 May 2019 at the Deerhurst resort in Huntsville MWA Household Food Waste Presentation May 2019. This was a chance to present this research to a new audience of municipal waste managers. It is important to be able to take academic research, which has its purpose and plays an important role in furthering our understanding, to the ‘real world’ where this issue is topical and municipalities are looking for ways to help their residents reduce household food waste.

Afterwards there were some probing questions about the per-cent of households that do not throw out food waste (survey said 11%, field research said 5%) and a prescient question from the City of Toronto on the impact of the neighbourhood food environment (i.e., the types of food retail outlets nearby) on household food wasting (I am working on that at the moment).

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