For the last 25 years Paul van der Werf has been managing food after it has become waste. He now focuses his energies on preventing food from becoming waste. This is his blog.

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Crooked Vegetables and Ugly Fruit

There have been lots of articles and a bit of a buzz around ugly fruit and vegetables in the last year. While ugly vegetables are just an icon for unnecessary food waste… Read more >

Luxus Consumption

From time to time, as I work towards my PhD comprehensive exam, I will publish short overviews of research papers that present the results of research into various aspects of… Read more >

Leftovers to Omelet

Using up food properly is a challenge in my household as much as anyone else’s. Although my wife and I are committed to maximizing the use of our food we… Read more >

What I want for Earth Day

Earth Day is rapidly approaching and it’s got me thinking about food’s impact on the earth. A recent Newsweek piece by Zoe Schlanger suggests the environmental impact of the… Read more >

A Taxing Proposition that Bites

Every New Year brought the usual trail of resolutions whose resolve is severely tested and usually melted by the time we hit mid winter. A common resolution is to eat… Read more >